Sunday, January 29, 2006


Well, they talk about Hollywood as being a place of incredible chance meetings -- I guess tonight proved that old maxim.

Elaine and I had scheduled dinner with Michael Reaves, my collaborator on the STAR TREK NEW VOYAGES episode with George Takei that I'm writing. But many of you may not be aware that, in addition, to being an Emmy winner, Michael has also written a number of STAR WARS novels, including DARTH MAUL -- SHADOWHUNTER and the upcoming DEATH STAR (with Steve Perry).

At any rate, Elaine and I are sitting in Hamburger Hamlet in the Valley tonight, waiting for Michael, when I glance across at the booth opposite and spy someone who is probably the least likely person in the world I would imagine to be there, just noshing on a burger with a teenager. I think to myself, that's either HIM, or someone who bears a bloody uncanny resemblance to him.

The man finishes his meal, and then walks over to another booth to thank the couple who just picked up the tab for his dinner. They say, "Well, it's the least we could do, given how much you've enriched our lives."

At which point, of course, I rise and introduce myself to the fellow -- who DOES, in fact, turn out to be GEORGE LUCAS!

I tell him I'm having dinner with Michael, who has written some of the most successful STAR WARS novels ever, and tell him I've written and produced for such shows as SLIDERS, STAR TREK - TNG, etc. It's a cordial conversation -- and best of all, I happen to have my camera with me... for probably what's the best photo op I've ever had.

Lucas heads out, and Michael shows up a few minutes later... having missed meeting up with his boss by moments. Which probably makes for a better anecdote, anyway.

Just another evening in Tinsel Town... or Tatooine, for that matter.



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