Monday, November 20, 2006


Great news all round – I finished directing, executive producing and co-writing the STAR TREK NEW VOYAGES episode “World Enough and Time” starring George Takei and it went GREAT!

What’s more, we made the front page of the Los Angeles Daily News last week. We shot nine days in upstate New York on the Enterprise sets and two days in Chatsworth, California, where we rebuilt Captain Sulu’s ship, the Excelsior. And serving alongside George Takei was Janice Rand herself, Grace Lee Whitney. You can check it all out at

What a dream come true, and what joy to work with these wonderfully-generous actors.

Lots of stories to tell from the shoot on both coasts, and I’ll be regaling you with those in days to come.

For now, let me catch up with one big bit of news – we had a casting change just a few weeks prior to the shoot, and stepping into the lead role of Sulu’s daughter Alana was the spectacular and luminous actress CHRISTINA MOSES. Christina’s had tons of New York stage experience, but being put in the Trek spotlight will be a new experience entirely. Her performance is simply spectacular, unforgettable and deeply moving. I can’t wait to finish the editing process so you all can see it (which looks like it will be March, 2007).

Other fun things have been happening – after working on TREK brilliantly coaching the actors and performing other vital producer chores, my wife Elaine went on to direct her own short film, BONNIE AND CLYDE – THE FINAL CHAPTER. We actually were both directing in the same week!

Beyond this, I just started the MAGIC TIME COMPANY in partnership with Bill Wallen, former Senior Vice President of Worldwide Strategic Marketing for Sony Pictures, who designed the posters and ad campaigns for such classics as JAWS, ET, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, POLTERGEIST, FIELD OF DREAMS, WRATH OF KHAN, ON GOLDEN POND, STARSHIP TROOPERS, MEN IN BLACK – all the way up to consulting on the new CHARLOTTE’S WEB.

Bill will be helping me to position and launch the MAGIC TIME TV series, based on the series of bestselling novels I’ve been doing over the last few years. Something that will help this, no doubt, is that I’ve just closed the deal to write the MAGIC TIME comic book for Marvel – it’ll be out this summer.

And I’m finally able to carve off some time to work finishing the new book, LOVE, GLORIA, a memoir about my mother.

Phew! Another slow week, I guess… with more adventures to come.