Tuesday, June 06, 2006


What a great week!

First IAIN McCAIG and his gorgeous daughter MISHI – our two WONDERFUL costume designers on STAR TREK NEW VOYAGES “World Enough and Time” – met with our BRILLIANT lead actress LESLIE SILVA (along with my wife ELAINE – a former actress/director Off-Broadway -- who’s serving as World Enough’s drama coach) to discuss her character’s costume.

Then the next day, Iain, Mishi and I met with GEORGE TAKEI and his partner BRAD to discuss his NEW VOYAGES wardrobe. George was incredibly gracious, insightful and entertaining, and he and Iain really hit it off, sharing memories of their travels in the UK and other adventures.

After that, it was off with Iain and Mishi to RAY BRADBURY’s house to share some of Iain’s recent work on a major (and hush-hush) project. Iain brought incredible artwork that blew Ray’s socks off. Joining us was KERRY CONRAN, writer-director of SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW, who has been working with Iain on several projects. Kerry is a huge Bradbury fan, as is Iain (and myself, of course), so it was a terrific afternoon all round.

Following that, Iain, Mishi, Kerry and I reconvened at Sisley’s, a terrific Italian restaurant at the celebrated Westside Pavilion, where we traded tales of our adventures in Hollywood over beverages and desserts.

Kerry is a great guy and a true visionary, and we shared tales (and enthusiasms) about such diverse subjects as THINGS TO COME, Forry Ackerman, Rick Baker, Rod Serling, MAGIC TIME and much, much more.

Another day to remember, and I hope not the last time I see Kerry Conran… (I’m keeping Iain and Mishi glued to my side as we continue on the STAR TREK NEW VOYAGES adventure!)

More to come…



At 10:38 AM, Blogger Crystal said...

Sounds like fun. And it's great to see that the Star Trek project is coming along fine.

At 2:23 AM, Blogger Michael Chambers said...

Really great stuff you're doing. So good somebody out there is pulling all the loose threads together and joining up forces like TZ, Ray Bradbury, ST, etc.
In other words, all the great stuff we grew up with that is sorely missing in today's pop culture.

Good luck to you and we hope to check it out when we return, if we ever return from Tokyo, Japan.



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