Thursday, February 22, 2007


We're in post production now on "World Enough and Time," the STAR TREK NEW VOYAGES episode I co-wrote with Michael Reaves, directed and executive produced.

Things are going amazingly well with Ron Thornton, FX whiz of BABYLON 5, VOYAGER and ENTERPRISE, running his team at the DAVE School in Florida, generating the TON of special effects shots for the episode (666 effects shots at last count!).

We'll be done with the episode on March 29, when we screen the episode at a movie theater in Orlando for the DAVE School, George Takei and whatever members of our cast and crew can get down to Florida. Should be an amazing time.

Meanwhile, some of the NEW VOYAGES team was here in L.A. and we all got together to watch the rough cut and hang out.

Included in the mix was DOROTHY FONTANA -- the legendary D.C. Fontana -- and DAVID GERROLD, two of the great STAR TREK writers. Dorothy story edited the original series and wrote such great episodes as "Charlie X" and David wrote the classic "Trouble With Tribbles."

Both are now working on NEW VOYAGES. Dorothy wrote the Walter Koenig episode that just debuted and David is co-writing and directing the next one, "Blood and Fire," based on the famous script he wrote for STAR TREK - THE NEXT GENERATION that was censored and went unfilmed.

It turns out that David actually went to college with my wife Elaine -- in fact, Elaine actually read "Tribbles" in the original first-draft typescript!

David and Dorothy were huge inspirations to me and their work led to my becoming a writer in the first place. How truly wonderful to know them now!

I screened the rough cut of "World Enough and Time" for David and he was most complimentary. I can't wait to share the episode with the rest of the world...

Soon enough.




At 4:39 PM, Blogger Tom said...

Wow! How great to spend time with such legends. I'm so excited for you, Marc!

At 10:42 PM, Blogger Crystal said...

I've met Dorothy Fontana at a couple of WGA Awards dinners and thought her very nice and fun to be with. Would love to see more of her scripts on today's shows. You must have had fun.

At 11:15 PM, Blogger Skipster61 said...

Marc, if I had known you were in O-Town, I would have tried to catch up with you. I can't wait to see your final ST:NV product!

Keep Sliding!
Skip (aka. Quinn's Other other brother)

At 11:44 AM, Blogger Stephen Wagner said...

Just watched "World Enough and Time" and really liked it. George Takei was oustanding -- an Emmy-worthy performance.


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