Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Hi, guys --

Well, we're back in L.A. and life is exciting, as always. RAY BRADBURY invited me to his new play of four one-acts based on his short stories the other night, and it was a joy to sit there in the audience with Ray in attendance. Ray introduced me to his guest of the evening, who turned out to be the famous Golden Age actress MARSHA HUNT. Marsha turned out to be enormously charming, and was quite surprised I recognized her name -- while I in turn was thrilled to meet her! When she learned I was writing and directing a new TREK episode, she told me of the NEXT GENERATION episode she starred in, "Too Short a Season."

Several days later, I visited Ray at his home and we traded presents. I gave him the TREK script and -- because this critter was mentioned in his play -- authentic hair from a wooly mammoth (something he DIDN'T have), and he gave me a signed copy of S IS FOR SPACE and a new CD of FAHRENHEIT 451. (I think I made out the better on that exchange.)

I discussed the challenges of directing with Ray and he told me, "You remind me of my old friend Sam Peckinpah -- he made everyone he worked with fall in love with him!" High praise. He then told me about visiting Fritz Lang on the set of RANCHO NOTORIOUS and being appalled at how Lang and the Director of Photography were screaming at each other. NOT the way to make a movie, in either Ray's opinion or mine.

It's such great fun to share these conversations about our creative work, such a singular honor.

We've begun the audion process on the TREK episode, incidentally... more on that next time.



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